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Industry Categories Guide for Import - Export Companies and Trade Leads

  Animal Products (Buyers)
    Animal Extracts (Buyers)
    Animal Fodders (Buyers)
    Aquaculture (Buyers)
    Dairy, Eggs & Honey (Buyers)
    Farm Machines & Tools (Buyers)
    Fish & Crustaceans (Buyers)
    Fishery Machines (Buyers)
    Live Animals (Buyers)
    Meat & Edible Meats (Buyers)
    Products Of Animals (Buyers)
  Automobile (Buyers)
    Accesories (Buyers)
    ATV & Snowmobile (Buyers)
    Auto Electrics (Buyers)
    Auto Electronics (Buyers)
    Auto Production Machinery (Buyers)
    Automobiles (Buyers)
    Breaks (Buyers)
    Electric Motorcycles (Buyers)
    Engines (Buyers)
    Lamps, Flashers & Fuses (Buyers)
    Maintenance & Repair (Buyers)
    Minibuses, Vans (Buyers)
    Motorcycles & Parts (Buyers)
    Others (Buyers)
    Second Hand (Buyers)
    Steering & Transmission (Buyers)
    Trucks, Buses (Buyers)
    Wheel & Tyre (Buyers)
  Base Metals & Articles (Buyers)
    Aluminium & Articles (Buyers)
    Articles Of Iron & Steel (Buyers)
    Base Metals (Buyers)
    Copper & Articles Thereof (Buyers)
    Iron & Steel (Buyers)
    Lead & Articles Thereof (Buyers)
    Miscellaneous Articles (Buyers)
    Nickel & Articles Thereof (Buyers)
    Tin & Articles Thereof (Buyers)
    Tools, Spoons & Forks (Buyers)
    Zinc & Articles Thereof (Buyers)
  Chemicals (Buyers)
    Chemical Additives (Buyers)
    Chemical Waste (Buyers)
    Cosmetics (Buyers)
    Detergents (Buyers)
    Dyes, Paints & Inks (Buyers)
    Explosives, Matches ETC (Buyers)
    Fertilisers (Buyers)
    Inorganic Chemicals (Buyers)
    Misc. Chemical Products (Buyers)
    Oils Cosmetic Preparations (Buyers)
    Organic Chemicals (Buyers)
    Others (Buyers)
    Paint (Buyers)
    Pesticides (Buyers)
    Petroleum Products: Bitumen (Buyers)
    Petroleum Products: Coke (Buyers)
    Petroleum Products: Crude Oil (Buyers)
    Petroleum Products: Fuel Oil (Buyers)
    Petroleum Products: Graphite (Buyers)
    Petroleum Products: Lubricant (Buyers)
    Petroleum Products: Others (Buyers)
    Petroleum Products: Paraffin (Buyers)
    Pharmaceutical Products (Buyers)
    Photographic & Cinema Prod. (Buyers)
    Pigment (Buyers)
    Soap, Waxes & Pastes (Buyers)
    Starches, Glues & Enzymes (Buyers)
  Computers & Software (Buyers)
    Consumables (Buyers)
    Hardware (Buyers)
    Monitors & Display (Buyers)
    Network Devices (Buyers)
    Notebooks & Laptop (Buyers)
    Others (Buyers)
    PC, Computer (Buyers)
    PDA, Palmtop (Buyers)
    Peripherials (Buyers)
    Printers (Buyers)
    Second Hand (Buyers)
    Servers (Buyers)
    Software (Buyers)
    UPS & Power (Buyers)
    Web Design (Buyers)
  Construction (Buyers)
    Bath Appliances (Buyers)
    Bricks & Pavers (Buyers)
    Building Glass (Buyers)
    Building Plastic & PVC (Buyers)
    Cement & Sand (Buyers)
    Construction Equipment (Buyers)
    Construction Hardware (Buyers)
    Decorative Materials & Decoration (Buyers)
    Doors & Windows (Buyers)
    Fiberglass (Buyers)
    Flooring & Tiles (Buyers)
    Granite (Buyers)
    Kitchen Appliances (Buyers)
    Locks (Buyers)
    Marble (Buyers)
    Metallic Building Materials (Buyers)
    Metallic Materials (Buyers)
    Others (Buyers)
    Pipes & Tubes (Buyers)
    Security Products (Buyers)
    Soundproof Materials (Buyers)
    Stone & Marble (Buyers)
    Stone Carving & Sculpture (Buyers)
    Timber & Plank (Buyers)
    Wall Materials (Buyers)
    Waterproof Materials (Buyers)
  Consumer Electronics (Buyers)
    Air Conditioners (Buyers)
    Amplifiers (Buyers)
    CD Players (Buyers)
    Decks (Buyers)
    Digital Cameras & Camcorders (Buyers)
    DVD, VCD, MP3 (Buyers)
    Fans (Buyers)
    Game Consoles (Buyers)
    Hair Diers (Buyers)
    Heaters (Buyers)
    Home Theatre Systems (Buyers)
    Kitchen Electronics (Buyers)
    Others (Buyers)
    Radios, Tuners (Buyers)
    Refrigerators (Buyers)
    Remote Controls (Buyers)
    Speakers (Buyers)
    TVs (Buyers)
    Washing Machines (Buyers)
  Energy & Environment (Buyers)
    Electricity (Buyers)
    Hydrogen (Buyers)
    Natural Gas (Buyers)
    Nuclear Power (Buyers)
    Renewable Energy (Buyers)
    Solar Panels (Buyers)
    Solar Products (Buyers)
    Solid Fuel (Buyers)
    Waste Management (Buyers)
    Water Filtration (Buyers)
    Wind Turbines (Buyers)
  Fats & Oils (Buyers)
    Animal Or Veg. Fats, Oils & Waxes (Buyers)
  Food (Buyers)
    Alcohol (Buyers)
    Baby Food (Buyers)
    Beverages, Spirits & Wine (Buyers)
    Canned Food (Buyers)
    Cocoa & Cocoa Preparations (Buyers)
    Confectionery (Buyers)
    Fast-Food (Buyers)
    Food Additives (Buyers)
    Food Ingredients (Buyers)
    Food Processing Machinery (Buyers)
    Frozen Food (Buyers)
    Health Food (Buyers)
    Miscellaneous Edible Preparations (Buyers)
    Others (Buyers)
    Preparation Of Cereals & Flour (Buyers)
    Preparation Of Vegs, Fruits, Nuts (Buyers)
    Prepared Meat, Fish & Crustaceans (Buyers)
    Residues & Animal Feed (Buyers)
    Snacks (Buyers)
    Sugars & Sugar Confectionery (Buyers)
    Tea (Buyers)
    Tobacco & Tobacco Substitues (Buyers)
  Footwear & Headgears (Buyers)
    Feathers & Artificial Flowers (Buyers)
    Footwear & Headgears (Buyers)
    Headgear & Other Parts (Buyers)
    Umbrellas & Walking-Sticks (Buyers)
  Health & Beauty (Buyers)
    Adult Products (Buyers)
    Beauty Equipment (Buyers)
    Breast Care (Buyers)
    Dental Products (Buyers)
    Drugs & Medications (Buyers)
    Erotic Products (Buyers)
    Hair Products (Buyers)
    Health Care Products (Buyers)
    Health Food (Buyers)
    Herbs & Natural Remedies (Buyers)
    Massagers (Buyers)
    Medical Implements (Buyers)
    Medical Supplies (Buyers)
    Others (Buyers)
    Perfumes (Buyers)
    Razors & Shavers (Buyers)
    Skin Care (Buyers)
    Veterinary Medicine & Products (Buyers)
    Weight Loss (Buyers)
  Hides, Leather & Furs (Buyers)
    Furskins & Artif. Furs (Buyers)

    Leather Goods (Buyers)
    Raw Hides & Skins (Buyers)
  Home Supplies (Buyers)
    Baby Products (Buyers)
    Bedding (Buyers)
    Blankets (Buyers)
    Briefcases (Buyers)
    Cookware (Buyers)
    Eyewears (Buyers)
    Handbags (Buyers)
    Horticulture & Gardening (Buyers)
    Household Textile Products (Buyers)
    Household Utensils (Buyers)
    Kitchen Accessories (Buyers)
    Laundry Products (Buyers)
    Lighters & Smoking (Buyers)
    Luggage & Travel Bags (Buyers)
    Mirrors (Buyers)
    Pet & Products (Buyers)
    Pillows (Buyers)
    Sheets & Covers (Buyers)
    Tableware (Buyers)
    Wallets (Buyers)
  Industrial Supplies (Buyers)
    Abrasives (Buyers)
    Bearings (Buyers)
    Boilers (Buyers)
    Cast & Forged (Buyers)
    Chains (Buyers)
    Gaskets & Seals (Buyers)
    Hardware & Tools (Buyers)
    Materials Handling (Buyers)
    Others (Buyers)
    Valves (Buyers)
    Woodworking (Buyers)
  Machinery & Electronics (Buyers)
    Audio & Video Equipment (Buyers)
    Bulbs & Tubes (Buyers)
    Cable & Wire (Buyers)
    Calculators (Buyers)
    Chargers (Buyers)
    Educational Equipment (Buyers)
    Electrical Machinery (Buyers)
    Electronic Components (Buyers)
    Electronic Instruments (Buyers)
    Generators (Buyers)
    Industrial Lightings (Buyers)
    Mechanical Machinery (Buyers)
    Others (Buyers)
    Outdoor Lightings (Buyers)
    Power Supplies (Buyers)
    Residential Lightings (Buyers)
    Switches (Buyers)
    Transformers (Buyers)
  Mineral Products (Buyers)
    Lime & Cement (Buyers)
    Mineral Fuels & Oils (Buyers)
    Ores, Slag & Ash (Buyers)
    Salt, Sulphur & Stone (Buyers)
  Miscellaneous (Buyers)
    Arms And Ammunition (Buyers)
    Artificial Crafts (Buyers)
    Bamboo & Wooden Crafts (Buyers)
    Candles & Holders (Buyers)
    Clocks & Watches & Parts (Buyers)
    Crystal (Buyers)
    Folk Crafts (Buyers)
    Furniture & Pre-Fab Buildings (Buyers)
    Gifts (Buyers)
    Holiday Decoration (Buyers)
    Metal Crafts (Buyers)
    Misc. Manufactured Articles (Buyers)
    Musical Instruments (Buyers)
    Natural Crafts (Buyers)
    Optical, Meas. & Medical Instrument (Buyers)
    Others (Buyers)
    Photo & Picture Frames (Buyers)
    Pottery & Enamel (Buyers)
    Promotion Gifts (Buyers)
    Toys, Games & Sports Equip (Buyers)
    Works Of Art & Antiques (Buyers)
  Plastics & Rubbers (Buyers)
    Plastics And Articles (Buyers)
    Rubber And Articles (Buyers)
  Services (Buyers)
    Agricultural (Buyers)
    Brokerage (Buyers)
    Business Services (Buyers)
    Construction (Buyers)
    Design (Buyers)
    Education & Training (Buyers)
    Electric & Gas (Buyers)
    Environmental Quality (Buyers)
    Financial, Insurance, Legal, Real Estate (Buyers)
    Funeral Services (Buyers)
    Health Services (Buyers)
    Hotel & Lodging (Buyers)
    Hotel & Restaurant (Buyers)
    Internet Marketing (Buyers)
    Internet Services (Buyers)
    Investment Consulting (Buyers)
    Legal Services (Buyers)
    Logistic Services (Buyers)
    Management (Buyers)
    Management Consulting (Buyers)
    Marketing & Advertising (Buyers)
    Media (Buyers)
    Miscellaneous Repairs (Buyers)
    Other Business Services (Buyers)
    Others (Buyers)
    Postal Services (Buyers)
    Recruiting Services (Buyers)
    Software (Buyers)
    Trading Consulting (Buyers)
    Translation Services (Buyers)
    Transportation (Buyers)
    Travel Services (Buyers)
  Stone, Glass & Jewelry (Buyers)
    Articles Of Stone & Plaster (Buyers)
    Ceramic Products (Buyers)
    Glass & Glassware (Buyers)
    Pearls, Stones & Jewelry (Buyers)
  Telecommunications (Buyers)
    Caller ID (Buyers)
    Fax Machines (Buyers)
    GPS (Buyers)
    Interphones (Buyers)
    Mobile Phones (Buyers)
    Network Communications (Buyers)
    Others (Buyers)
    Pagers (Buyers)
    Telecom Cables (Buyers)
    Telephone & Parts (Buyers)
    Video Phones (Buyers)
    Wireless Communications (Buyers)
  Textiles (Buyers)
    Apparel & Clothing Knitted (Buyers)
    Apparel & Clothing Not Knitted (Buyers)
    Carpets & Floor Coverings (Buyers)
    Children Garment (Buyers)
    Coated & Laminated Textiles (Buyers)
    Cotton & Fabrics Thereof (Buyers)
    Fashion Accessories (Buyers)
    Jackets (Buyers)
    Jeans (Buyers)
    Knitted & Crocheted Fabrics (Buyers)
    Made Up Textile, Worn & Rags (Buyers)
    Man-Made Filaments Yarns (Buyers)
    Man-Made Staple Fibers (Buyers)
    Pants & Trousers (Buyers)
    Silk & Fabrics Thereof (Buyers)
    Sportswear (Buyers)
    Sweaters (Buyers)
    T-Shirts (Buyers)
    Textile Waste (Buyers)
    Tufted Textiles & Lace (Buyers)
    Underwear & Nightwear (Buyers)
    Uniforms & Workwear (Buyers)
    Used Clothes (Buyers)
    Vegetable Textile Fabrics (Buyers)
    Wedding, Felt & Ropes (Buyers)
    Wool, Yarn & Animal Hair (Buyers)
  Transportation (Buyers)
    Aircraft, Spacecraft (Buyers)
    Bicycles & Parts (Buyers)
    Cargo & Storage (Buyers)
    Containers (Buyers)
    Non-railway Vehicles (Buyers)
    Railway, Tram & Tracks (Buyers)
    Roadway Safety (Buyers)
    Ships & Floating Structures (Buyers)
  Vegetables (Buyers)
    Agrochemicals (Buyers)
    Beans (Buyers)
    Cereals (Buyers)
    Coffee, Tea, Mate & Spices (Buyers)
    Edible Vegetables (Buyers)
    Flowers (Buyers)
    Fruit & Nuts & Citrus (Buyers)
    Lac, Gums, Resins, ETC (Buyers)
    Live Trees & Plants (Buyers)
    Milling Industry Products (Buyers)
    Mushroom & Truffle (Buyers)
    Oil Seeds, Grains & Plants (Buyers)
    Plant Extracts (Buyers)
    Plant Seeds (Buyers)
    Vegetable Plaiting Materials (Buyers)
  Wood (Buyers)
    Articles Of Wood & Charcoal (Buyers)
    Basketware and Wickerwork (Buyers)
    Cork & Articles Of Cork (Buyers)
    Furniture (Buyers)
    Paper & Articles Of Paperboard (Buyers)
    Printed Books & NewsPaper (Buyers)
    Wood Pulp & Paper Scrap (Buyers)
    Wood Waste (Buyers)
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Step 1: Select country or countries for your targeted buy - sell offers.
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